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Slack Chat: Kids These Days

T: Hey J, do you have that seven dirty words article handy?

J: Yeah, I’ve got it right here:

Trump administration bans seven words at CDC

The Trump administration has reportedly commanded the CDC not to use seven words in next year’s budget documents: diversity, entitlement, evidence-based, fetus, science-based, transgender, vulnerable. When I first read this mandate, I used a word that really shouldn’t be used in such documents.

T: As it turned out, this wasn’t what they said it was. It was worse, to be frank. And I’m not Frank. Or Shirley. Don’t call me Shirley. Call me Ishmael.

J: Yeah, it was worse. What the hell is “science in consideration of community standards and wishes’?

T: It’s Madison Avenue run amok. Rather than the White House being repressive, the story is that the CDC was being systematically manipulative.

J: This is actually scary. It’s an attempt to discredit science; the scary part is that there are those in Trump’s base who it would work on

T: Oh wait, you didn’t read the aftermath, did you? There was no repression, no anti-science demand. This was the other side, trying to take advantage of the Trump administration’s anti-science stances.

It was a cynical attempt, by a group tasked with speaking for the public, to dumb themselves down in order to get more money from what they perceived as a dumb government.

J: Anything trying to dumb down the CDC should be viewed with great alarm. We rely on those kinds of agencies to give us the unpleasant truth. Like during the AIDS crisis, and the SARS thing, and the Zika thing, and on and on.

T: You might argue that they were simply playing the game by the rules presented.

J: And winning.

T: But I don’t find that ennobling.

J: Nope. It’s cowardly.

T: I went looking for the second article – the one that tells us that it was the CDC itself, internally, that banned those words – and I can’t find it under the barrage of anti-Trump barking and slobbering.

This is why the left is just as bad as the right. Trump is a complex character, not a caricature.

J: What, we can’t make fun of the racist fatass anymore?

T: Well, the truth is that …



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