Song Lyrics




Please Say Goodbye (1996)

I don’t know if I can take it anymore
I don’t know if I can cope
I told you I’d hang on your every word
You went and bought me a rope

I told you I’d love you forever
I told you I’d love you for life
I said my heart bleeds when you’re hurting
You went and bought me a knife

Chorus – We’re all hard-pressed
To make some happiness
And all you ever make me
Is cry
But there’s one thing you can say
That’ll make my rainy day
Just say goodbye

I tried to make conversation
You just sat there like a log
I told you I need some companionship
You went and bought me a dog

I tried everything I could think of
To make you my own special girl
You told me you needed more space to roam
Now you can have the rest of the world



I Do My Drinking Alone (with Bill Frizzell 1994)

You turn an April shower into a driving rain

You turn a cool night’s breeze into a hurricane

I’m tired of your blabber mouth talking

With never anything to say

So don’t wait up mama, I’m walking

I’m going out to play


Chorus – I don’t need this situation

I ain’t gonna go back home

I’m tired of degradation

Tonight I’m mine

I’ll do my drinking alone


I’ll find a corner bar that serves a wicked drink

Off the beaten up path, where I can hear myself think

Down on some boondock avenue, where lonely hearts don’t care

So don’t go looking in the same old haunts, you won’t find me anywhere



Just because I can’t be found, don’t mean my ass is gone

You’re still my girl forever more – I just need to be alone