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T: Hey John, when Michael Flynn offered to sing for immunity, why didn’t the investigator take the offer?
J: At the time, they probably thought it was premature.
T: Is it possible they thought gaining Flynn the rat wasn’t enough of an asset to be worth losing Flynn the defendant?
J: Sure. But now we’re seven months further down the rabbit hole, and they still haven’t indicted him (I know … “yet”). So why haven’t they?
He’s got to be the next domino, right?
T: Yeah, he’s the obvious next domino.
J: He was pretty clearly guilty, and he didn’t do much of a job of concealing it.
T: So Flynn’s next?
J: I would give him the best odds right now… him and his son, and maybe another small-to-medium fish, like Page or Stone.
T: Have you heard anything concrete-ish about Mueller’s schedule?
J: No… I would think he’s probably going to move soon though, strike while the iron is hot.
T: Do you think there will be any more indictments this week?
J: I wouldn’t be surprised… I think he’ll do it as soon as he’s ready.
T: I get the sense, from the pace of his investigation, that he makes decisions like a lawmaker, not a politician. I don’t think the concept, “strike while the iron is hot,” would ever occur to him. “cross the fuckin’ T’s” sounds more like his style.
J: Well, he went from appointment to indictment in about five months, which is very, VERY fast; a year would be more typical.
T: Why do you think he’s rushing, then?
J: I think there’s a measure of calculation in this; I think he’s trying to put pressure on the larger targets to cooperate with him – guys like Kushner and Junior who haven’t been as forthcoming as Mueller wants them to be.
T: So the indictment pace, in your mind, is Mueller’s way of putting pressure on his targets?
J: I think so. I think he’s trying to create a sense of urgency in his targets, like “we better get on top of this before he brings it to us.”
T: I can see Kushner cooperating, but I wouldn’t even entertain the notion that Trump, Jr. is anything but a 100 percent hostile witness. Unturnable.
J: I agree with that assessment; no way Junior flips on his dad; he’ll go down with the ship.
T: Hey, J, what are the odds any of these characters goes full stoolie and starts singing like a canary? Should we handicap the turnables?
J: That sounds horrifying. Let’s do it!

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