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Slack Chat: Will He Go to Jared?

J: Hey T, did you see this?

Prosecutors are reportedly seeking Kushner records from Deutsche Bank

Federal prosecutors are seeking information about Trump senior advisor Jared Kushner’s real estate business, according to The New York Times.

T: I almost sent that to you this morning; What’s your take?

J: They’re following the money. There are a couple of different possible angles; the more likely one is misuse of the visa program, but I wouldn’t rule out looking for evidence for money laundering.

T: Money laundering is all over this mess. Trump isn’t a political animal, but he’s a financial opportunist of the worst kind. I’ve always maintained that he was basically honest, but in that weasely way, where you know you can’t arrest him but really want him to leave town.

J: In the Old West he’d have been run out of town just ahead of the posse a couple of times by now.

T: I’ve used the old-West trump analogy a few times. Do you remember who I compare him to, besides the south end of a north-bound horse?

J: You generally compare him to the corrupt land baron villain of the piece… which fits, since he is a corrupt land baron.


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