And then there were seven

th (9)Paul McDonald got the bus ticket tonight on Idol. This is a slight surprise, maybe, but obviously nothing like last week. Stefano and Haley took the other hard chairs, and Stefano was in the bottom two for the second consecutive week. Paul left the show with class and panache, as we would expect from this very cool cat. He closed the show with his signature “Maggie May” and he was free, easy, and relaxed.

The contestants formed up small groups again and all of them were really good; much better than the last time. I really like those performances over the group numbers, which can turn into train wrecks. Rhianna “sang” too, but I skipped over it. If she won’t sing live, I won’t listen live. I did listen to Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean singing their platinum selling single. It was terrific, and Kelly looks even terrific-er. She’s lost some weight and she looks as good as she has in several years. Pia was in the audience, cheering and rooting everyone on.

Power Rankings-

7: Stefano– Sing something up-tempo, ok? Stef sings some nice harmony

6: Jacob– He seems to have gotten some of his Lusk-er back

5: Haley– She sounded amazing tonight, dueting with Casey

4: Casey– Intonation is getting worse, not better

3: Lauren– She always looks kind of haunted when the camera isn’t on her

2: James– Good harmonies, my man. Now blow something up with your voice instead of a bunch of stage gimmicks

1: Scotty– If you gonna sing high, sing high better

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