Hollywood Power Rankings

No comments this time, just my best attempts to remind you who they are for reference. Once we get past the next couple of shows things will really start to take shape, as we get to know all of the contenders.

x- Amy Brumfield: Tent girl. She is really short, like four-ten or something.

x- Symone Black: Face planter from round 1.

30- Kyle Crews: Apple cheeked boy band singer.

29- Angie Zeiderman: Betty Boop girl.

28- Jen Hirsch: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead girl from season 9.

27- Eben Franckewitz: Beiber lookalike, Jacee soundalike.

26- Samantha Novacek: Stony faced blonde belter. I sent you a link to her Adele song.

25- Creighton Fraker: Trilly trill trill.

24- Scott Dangerfield: He used to look like John Sebastion; he looks more like Napoleon Dynamite now.

23- Elise Testone: Tall, older blonde with a big face and bluesy chops.

22- Phillip Phillips: Guitar man with the weird voice, looks sort of like one of those guys from the vampire movies.

21- Rachelle Lamb: Country singer, looks kind of like Dotty West.

20- Molly Hunt: She’s blonde, sort of a Carrie Underwood face; terrific songwriter with some songs up on Youtube, slick stuff.

19- Lauren Gray: Blues singer who sings with her father in the Wedding business.

18- Hallie Day: Suicide survivor with the huge voice.

17- Jeremy Rosado: Thick Hispanic kid with short hair and a round face.

16- Baylie Brown: Lauren Alaina doppelganger vocally, looks like Charlie Sheen’s exe wife Denise Richards, though without the chestal enhancements.

15- Devan Jones: Smallish, smooth voiced Dave Chappell lookalike (a young Dave Chappell).

14- David Leathers, Jr.: Young Michael Jackson type singer, looks more like a Cosby kid.

13- Aaron Marcellus (Sanders): Peabo Bryson/James Ingram sound-alike, he looks like the bastard love child of Don Cheadle and Secretariat.

12- Mathenee Treco: Jacob Lusk doppelganger, though more of a pop singer and he might be less of a jerk. Oh, and he can sing in tune.

11- Colton Dixon: Weird haired kid who just missed last year, sings angsty ballads.

10- Jermaine Jones: Six foot eight and a half (don’t forget the half) mama’s boy with the deep, deep voice.

9- Adam Brock: Fat Gokey visually, Phat Gokey vocally.

8- Jessica Phillips: Passionate black hip hop/R&B singer, boyfriend had a stroke.

7- Reed Grimm: The experienced, talented, maybe demented jazzoid who keeps singing TV theme songs.

6- Brittany Zika: Trippy Mcsomething; cute clowning blonde with the monster voice, wore the hat that Randy made her take off.

5- Jairon Jackson: Looks like a tiny Wes Unseld, or kind of a scale model cross between Charles Barkley and Nell Carter. He did the original (at his audition) that blew up the internet a few weeks ago.

4- Erica Van Pelt: Frumpy looking blonde with a dazzling voice.

3- Shannon Magrane: The lovechild of a very tall teenaged superhero and Bambi. The Deer, not the serial killer. Dad is Joe Magrane, the former pitcher.

2- Ashley Robles: Pilipino office worker with a small kid, blew up “I Will Always Love You” at her audition. For some reason she reminds me of that female rabbit that used to show up in Bugs Bunny cartoons occasionally.

1- Johnny Keyser, 22: Mister Perfect.

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