And then there were 13

th (8)Short and sweet tonight. Nine of the first ten finalists were fairly obvious. Jermaine th (3)was the only even slight surprise, and I was certainly happy to see him get the last spot, though I expected Deandre to get it. Deandre had to sweat out his opportunity, then sing for it, then sweat some more, but he made it. Once Randy picked Erika in the wild card round (again, an obvious choice), it was down to Reed versus Deandre since I knew J-Lo was picking Jeremy. As much as I enjoy Reed’s weirdness and unpredictability, they made the right decision. Reed would have been knocked off next week, while Deandre might be able to make the tour.

The only surprise of the entire night, to me, was Brielle getting her wild card opportunity over Hallie. They cut to a shot of Hallie’s face when Brielle was announced, and she looked like she’d just passed a kidney stone and didn’t want anyone to know. She knew she was done, even though there was one more female spot left.

Brielle was screwed as soon as she announced her song, and while she hit a few nice notes when she went big she missed just as many. Adele is the kiss of DEATH this year on Idol; the judges hear Adele, it’s like me hearing Achy Breaky Heart. They are just butt sick of Adele imitators.

The only other even sort of interesting thing about the show was where they sat Haley. She was in the background during all of the results, and the look on her face was the same look that condemned prisoners have while they watch hangings, waiting for their turn on the gallows. I’ll always feel bad for her. She got all this way, and her one big live performance was just horrible.

I feel bad for Creighton, Aaron, Adam and Hallie, who didn’t get a second chance despite singing plenty well enough to deserve one. The other four contestants; Chelsea, Baylie, Eben and Chase; I just hope you had some fun, and thanks for playing. Don’t forget to pick up your gift bags on the way out.

Sooo…. Whaddya think? Got any favorites? Mine are, basically, all the girls other than Shannon, who is an honorary boy because all she sings is ballads like, um, every single boy left in the competition does. Can even one of these guys sing something fast and fun? Show some grit? I’m not talking about faky, play acting grit like Phil-Phil does, hiding behind his guitar and looking thorazined. I’m talking down and dirty, with cool rhythms and some rock power. Seven freaking balladeers. Oh boy. Joshua might be able to, I guess. I likeColton, but he ain’t gonna sing any Little Richard unless Schyler is back stage with Jimmy holding a gun to her head. This means that virtually all of the dynamic, high energy performances will have to come from the ladies before the voters kick them all off.

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