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Erika Van Pelt

The ??? contestant to join Erika and Deandre on the hard chairs was Heejun, which surprised to me. Heejun is most likely on the way out now, with his fanbase no longer caring enough to keep him safe. Erika got the green weenie, which was no surprise despite a good performance this week. Haley was terrific, the other singer was cool (don’t know her yet, she sounds like an Adele spin-off thing). That’s the show for tonight.

Power Rankings

9- Heejun: With his fanbase heading for the exits he promised something even more insane next week, probably as his exit performance.

8- Deandre: He seems confused. He’s only 17, and he ain’t a whole lot more advanced thanShannon was. The various judges, mentors and stylists are overwhelming him.

7- Hollie: The judges are no longer giving her an intonation pass, and it’s too late to just crap out perfect intonation now. She needs to sing something fun and uptempo next week or she’s going the way of Thia Megia.

6- Elise: Her moment last night got her out of the hard chairs tonight, but she ain’t gonna have a moment every week. She will always be one bad performance from getting the boot, but you never know. She could make a Haleyish run; she has the talent. With just nine singers left and no clear frontrunner, anything can still happen.

5- Skylar: She’s gonna get a contract even if she gets dumped next week, so it’s all about getting as many shots on the show to give her more backing for the inevitable Nashville album to come. Her intonation and phrasing are starting to get shaky again, after several weeks of strong performances. If she is going to be a serious contender she needs to reverse that trend.

4- Joshua: Way too “Lusky Stank” this week, so he might want to tone that down some. He doesn’t sing out of tune, so he has that going for him.

3- Jessica: We loved her to the final ten, like her now. Soon will come the questions about song connection and other things that a 16 year old can’t do much about. She’s going to need a true moment, not a copycat moment, to make the finale.

2- Phil-Phil: I kind of expect Colt and Phil to swap the top spot back and forth for a few weeks.Colton is getting the better edit right now, so he’s on top at the moment.

1- Colton: I personally don’t think he deserved quite the praise that the judges gave him last night, but he is in a very good place right now. He probably only needs to go outside of his comfort zone a couple more times before the finale, and he doesn’t really trainwreck anything. Only worry is that he might start to get boring, or his creepy eyes will start freaking people out.

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