Phil-Phil and Jessica at twenty paces

Joshua Ledet
Joshua Ledet

Quick and sweet tonight: Jessica and Phil will face off next week, while Joshua spends the week reviewing documents from Interscope Records.

Adam was terrific…. he added a couple of extra competition glory notes to his new single, winking at the judges after he did them. Lisa Marie was weirdly cool, and I kinda like her song. It’s catchy.

Power Rankings:

2: Phil- I’ve probably said he’s going to win more than anyone else, but Jessica has a ridiculously large fanbase already. Every poll I saw had her at the top of the voting, and she was the first one sent to the finals. With Josh gone I expect more of his voters to gravitate to Jessica than to Phil.

1: Jessica- I ranked her lower than I should have in a few of the recent weeks, for reasons that don’t matter here. Seeing the polls and what’s happened since, her bottom finish in the round of 7 looks even fakier than it did at the time. Jessica has been at the top of the voting all season. You never know what will happen next week, and I think it’s going to be close, but I predict a confetti shower for Jessica Sanchez.

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