Chicago Auditions

It was a nice touch at the beginning, having a bunch of people cuss and get bleeped and then saying “Welcome to Chicago”. The show was only an hour, so I watched it twice and fast forwarded through the more obnoxious parts. Actually, this show wasn’t very mean at all. After they opened with “Welcome to Chicago. Eff You.”; I expected it to be meaner.

The Good-

Guest judge Shania Twain was fun. I didn’t get to see much of her, but she was on point even when she was getting herself in trouble by mentioning body parts when she was trying to list the good qualities of….

John Park. He seems to have a little polish (Shania said he has a good head), he has a very good low range (Shania said bottom end), and somewhere in there he has a nice face and good lips (Shania said that, not me. He’s not my type). He has a very good shot at making the final 12.

Angela, the girl who made it to Hollywood twice before. She made it to the top 50 last season but had to drop out. I’m fairly sure that she will at least get to the semi’s, the final 24 this season.

Paige, the girl who almost died from an asthma attack. Simon said no, but I don’t care. She has some Janis Joplin in her voice I think that it will show up more when she gets to sing with a band. She could just be fodder, but I would not be surprised to see her go deep in the competition. Simon doesn’t like to be wrong, so she is up against it with him.

The OK-

Katelyn, the kid who’s parents are getting a divorce. I think that she’s probably fodder for Hollywood week. She is way too vibrato, and I kinda think that the judges gave her a pass because of the backstory. Other than singing like she was sitting on a dryer, she sounded very nice. Her voice is pleasant.

Charity, the 16 year old who lives in a styling salon. She’s good, nice voice and good phrasing. She’s also just 16 years old and her voice isn’t very ballsy. I think that she is just doing this too soon. Maybe she can come back in a few years and try it again with more experience. She looks a lot like Mindy McCready, except that her nose doesn’t touch her upper lip.

Justin, Keith and Marcus, the guys they tossed in at the end. I liked all three of them, but how in the hell could anyone know what they can do off of about 6 seconds of airtime? It’s like the Idol producers got a call and had to leave, so they just clipped the last half hour of the show into a medley of what they would have shown us if they had the time. Weird….

I liked Marcus’ voice the best. Keith isn’t all that good, he sounded like Bryan Adams but he was tapping out at the top of his range. Justin sounded, in the 4 notes that I heard him sing, like he might be a powerhouse. That, or a shouter. I’m curious about him, and Marcus was very impressive.

The Bad-

Ummm… Tiny Tim, meet full metal jacket….. ummm….. Did they shoot that poor girl who was trying to sing Dolly Parton up with thorazine?……. ummmm…….. I finally figured out who that guy in the white sounded like: Cleveland Junior.

The (not so) Bad-

Amy, the girl who did the boob thing, wasn’t that bad of a singer and she was genuinely funny. I liked her, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that she should have gotten her ticket. Look for her soon on the standup comedy circuit.

Harold, the flashy guy who held the note for about half of a minute…. I would have sent him to Hollywood. I was surprised that they didn’t. He can sing, and I didn’t see him as a gimmick at all. He must have done something off camera that put the judges off. He is probably the best singer that I’ve ever seen who failed his audition.

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