Semifinalists Announced


Didi Benami

Paige Miles

Lacey Brown

Ashley Rodriguez

Kaitlyn Epperly

Michelle Delamore

Katie Stevens

Haeley Vaughn

Siobhan Magnus (pronounced sha-von)

Janelle Wheeler

Lilly Scott

Chrystal Bowersox


Todrick Hall


Aaron Kelly

John Park

Andrew Garcia

Lee Dewyze

Joe Munoz

Tim Urban

Michael Lynche

Casey James

Alex Lambert (no, not related)

Jermaine Sellers

I was a little bit surprised that there were so few surprises. My week 5 power rankings (Male) top 5 all made it in; as well as 7, 9, 10 and 11. 17 and 18 also made it with only Joe Munoz not listed. My week 5 power rankings (female) top 5 also made it in, as well as 7 and 9. Charity Vance, Angela Martin and Tasha Layton were eliminated and the spoiler wasn’t true (so far the Michael Lynche rumor doesn’t seem to be true either). This left 5 spots up for grabs among the female sleeper list. Siobhan Magnus made it from the gender undetermined group at the bottom, and Lacey Brown was able to get past the judges this season after just missing the semis last year. Idol took one Jermaine, as I guessed. I’m not sure they got the right one.

I’ll avoid bragging about the ones that I was able to spot early on. I’ll also try not to dwell on the Little Red Haired Girl. Yeah, right. By the time I get to the power rankings this weekend my “discoveries” of Casey James and Lee Dewyze (and Didi, don’t forget…) will be epic and the epic-ly out of tune Tim Urban will slip and fall when he steps in the pool of tears cried for LRHG………

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