Final 5 Results/Power Rankings

I was mildly surprised by Aaron’s elimination, but at this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if Crystal was sent home. There wasn’t a bottom three this week, just a bottom two. Casey’s voting block apparently pulled out all the stops, and kept him safe for another week. Big Mike was in the bottom two despite a strong performance. This might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s pretty logical in its own way. Casey’s voters got busy, while Mike’s and Aaron’s didn’t. Last year the top five were Adam, Danny, Allison, Matt and Kris. Kris and Adam, who finished 1-2 at the end, were both in the bottom three that week.

Aaron’s future should be bright. He is still just a kid, and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. If I was his career counselor I would work on getting him into a high powered theater performance school and let him drop out of the public eye for awhile. One other option would be to get him down to Nashville and see if his Idol notoriety can get him in a few doors. He is capable of making a commercial country album right now, although it might not be the best idea to send him out touring yet.

Power Rankings-

4: Michael Lynche– Flip a coin. Mike and Casey are odds on to be the next two to leave

3: Casey James– He survived his first encounter with the Kraken, but the beastie won’t be gone long

2: Lee Dewyze- The same contrarian voting bloc that chose Kris last season seems to have picked Lee as their horse this season. Lee is the underdog, and we are a country that loves us some underdog.

1: Crystal- Crystal has been on the top of the rankings this season about as long as Adam was last season. Adam peaked a bit too early, and Crystal needs to watch out. She has the appearance of peaking even earlier than Adam did last season.

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