Philadelphia Auditions

th (1)            Tonight’s episode was only an hour and I didn’t see anyone I expect to survive to the Nokia in May, but there were a couple who have a decent chance to make it to the live shows.

Quick takes (click on their names to link to a YouTube video):

giana isabella - CopyGianna Isabella, 15. Brenda K. Starr’s daughter, Gianna is still basically play-acting, pretending to be a singer … fodder, only aired because of her famous mother.

isaaac cole - CopyIsaac Cole, 15. There were a lot of singers who sounded like this twenty years ago, with the Garth Brooks lilt affectation … fodder; his intonation is about as fine-tuned as a transistor radio in a bridge tunnel.

sara sturmSara Sturm, 17. I should count all the braces… Sara must be about the sixth or seventh out of thirty so far. She has a terrific tone and decent intonation … more of a sleeper than a contender, but she has a strong instrument.

jenn blosil - CopyJenn Blosil, 23. She has a good voice and a cute style, but she seemed like she was riding the edge between performance art and getting gonged off the show … Sleepy sleeper – she’s either going to be all over the show the next couple of weeks or never seen again.

Harrison Cohen, 17. Play acting, and the play is going to close early … fodder, but he might not care after he gets a few million hits on his FOX personal ad.

th - CopyJohn Arthur Greene, 27. He’s a weird combination, with a cool tone, strong rhythm, and really good command but shaky intonation, a limited bag of tricks, and he strains painfully at the top of his range. I think he needs to be very careful what he sings or he will go off the rails, but at the same time – if he can stay within his skill-set – he could make it to the live shows … contender for top 24, but I don’t think he’ll get past that without some luck. Harry already said no once, so he won’t get a mulligan.


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