Audition Round Five

The show tonight was only an hour and aired just seven ticket winners, but there was no shortage of good story lines. The producers featured a former Voice contestant, a pair of golden ticket winners from last season, a freckly, red headed fiddler, the sister of a live show contestant from last season, and a pair of wild cards – one talented but nervous, the other not particularly nervous but not particularly talented, either.

Quick Takes:

poh scottMiranda (Poh) Scott, 17. Self effacing to a fault, she has Adele’s tone, lots of power, some nice scratch, and she sings in tune. She’ll have to overcome the confidence issues, maybe, but she could be one of the 24 most talented kids in the competition. She reminded the judges of Rhianna, but she reminded me more of a Raggedy Ann doll … long shot to contend, but only because she is more likely to blow up than grow up in such a short time.

amerlia eisenhauer Amelia Eisenhauer, 15. Peppermint Patty with a fiddle and Tanya Tucker’s tone, it’s too bad she’s not really ready yet. Her only chance to last is to get and stay uptempo, so all those wonky notes can sneak by a little faster … fodder.

joy doveJoy Dove, 21. The sort of decent but unmemorable karaoke singer who can be found in any bar … fodder – I know dozens of karaoke singers, right here in Spokane, who would wipe the floor with her.

mackenzie bourgMackenzie Bourg, 23. The former Voice contestant sounds a little like Paul Simon and he looks a little like Robbie Benson, the seventies actor who jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge in “Ode to Billy Joe” … he’s a contender, but I’m not sold that he has enough musicianship beneath the cool exterior to get past the early live shows. His version of “Hallelujah” on YouTube is awful. I wouldn’t mind hearing him try some Paul Simon, or maybe some Bryan White, but he should avoid the big pop production songs.

Jenna RenaeJenna Renae, 23. She has a buttery, beautiful tone and an artistic touch, but oh man was she nervous … she can’t compete if she can’t get past the nerves – she was out of tune and practically bleating, her voice was shaking so much – but if she can get calmed down that rich, sweet, dark caramel coated voice could create moments.

thAdam Lasher, 28. He went to Hollywood last year looking like a hippie; this year he looks like Leisure Suit Larry … probably fodder, but he is smooth. I hated his audition song myself – it was like he sucked all the melody out of the song and replaced it with a bad imitation of Wayne Newton hitting on old ladies at Caesar’s Palace.

emily brookeEmily Brooke, 16. She almost made the live shows last year, but the competition will be tougher this year. Her tone is not mature yet and she is play acting, imitating a singer more than actually being a singer, but she has Miranda Lambert’s angsty overtones and a stronger voice … She’ll contend, and most likely make the live shows.


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