Adam Lasher

adam lasherTom Jones lives …. Adam has a fun voice and a fun style, but he might be a little dated for the voters to embrace him.

Adam is a type 1 diabetic. Crystal Bowersox, also a type 1 diabetic, had a reaction in season 9 that almost got her disqualified. Adam should be fine, I think; there have been massive inroads made in treating type 1 over the last few years, and keeping blood sugar in safe range.

Adam’s showcase performance:

Adam, like Emily, was on the show last season but was cut in Hollywood. Here is a video from a couple of years ago to illustrate his progress:


Adam Lasher “Black and Gold” – Sam Sparrow: C-

adam lasherI don’t know what the hell was going on there … he would be sailing along, sounding fine, then every time he tried to do anything dynamic he would lose it and have to find his way back. It was as if he got the script changes five minutes before he went on stage – or the band did. He gave them a look at the end that makes me wonder if they screwed something up.

Adam with Haley Reinhart “I can’t help falling in love with You” Elvis Presley

The performance was beautifully done, but I don’t know if it will help Adam. His part was secondary to Haley’s part, and it was apparent that Haley was the star on the stage. Adam has an interesting skill set but, like Olivia, he needs to figure out how to get all his moving parts to work together. Unlike Olivia, though, Adam is well into his twenties. I’m thinking cruise ships, casinos, hotel circuits could be in his future. He’ll do fine, and have adventures. I wouldn’t mind catching him in concert.


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