Jeneve Rose Mitchell

jeneve roseShe is out of place in a singing competition – there are probably a hundred million better singers in the United States – but she might last a couple of rounds by playing to her strengths. Her strengths? Everything but singing.

Jeneve’s showcase performance:

That whole “I nevah dun seed nahw ‘lectris-a-tee befowa’ is overblown; she’s been touring the west with her father for a few years, singing at fairs and carnivals, street festivals, things like that. She made an album out of ‘lectris-a-tee when she was 13, and she won an award – with her dad – from the Western Music Association for best harmony duo in 2013.

On the string bass, from last fall:

If the Rocky Mountain Hillbilly Girl (her stage persona when she tours) wants to last a few rounds, she can’t go toe to toe against the real singers with her little girl who’s daddy won’t tell her she can’t sing voice. She needs to use her instrumental abilities, her manic energy, and her hillbilly charm to keep attention elsewhere. Once the voters notice she can’t sing – probably on the first live show – she’s toast.

Semifinal performance: “Angel” – Sarah McLachlan

It’s impossible to not love her. Her vocal technique is awful, her range is limited, and her tone is all over the dammed place, but it doesn’t matter with her puppydog eyes, her 47 instruments that all sound like they just got done playing “Amazing Grace,” and her heart-on-her-sleeve emoting. Whatever ‘it’ is, Jeneve has it. Now, for crissakes, will somebody teach her how to sing?

Jeneve Rose with Scotty McCreery, “Gone” – Montgomery Gentry

th (4)There are only so many ways to say that the kid (1) can’t really sing, but (2) might win anyway. She could have come out and belched “Mein Kampf” and she was going to be safe to the next round.

Top 14

Jeneve Rose Mitchell, “Ring of Fire”

I have no idea what to think about lil’ June Junior. I like her – hell, even Mikey from the old life cereal commercials likes her – but she has the weakest voice in the competition and she phrases as poorly as the other 15 year olds. Speaking of, how many 15 year olds are there? I think four out of the ten singing tonight were 15 when they auditioned. Jeneve’s chances are as live as any of ‘em.

Judges: “pay no attention to the shitty singing, please vote for our southern meal ticket”

Kym: “I don’t think she has the chops. She can play the $#&@ out of any instrument she picks up, but this IS a singing competition, right?”

Verdict: We’ll see. There are a lot of “we’ll see” singers, aren’t there? I think this is a good thing – Eclectic Idol – and Jeneve is as interesting and entertaining, all things considered, as any of them.


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