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shelbie zIt’s too bad Designing Women isn’t on anymore. Every time I see Shelbie I think of a hairdresser, prattling away while she snips and combs, gossiping about her family, her co-workers, and whomever else we both know, with a husband at home, about eight kids, fat underarms that keep slapping my ears – but she has perfectly coiffed hair and she smells amazing.

I think that’s my largest reservation about Shelbie’s chances. She has the biggest voice of anyone on the show, just a massive howitzer of a vocal jackhammer. She seems to have gained the range she was missing at her audition and during her run on the Voice. 

Shelbie’s showcase performance:

There is no reason to think she can’t contend for the confetti, except that she looks like a middle aged hairdresser. If she looked like a middle aged waitress maybe, but hairdresser? Oh hell, she might do ok anyway. It would be hilarious if she won Idol, the show that looks for the whole package, after a show that claims to be ‘all about the voice’ dumped the biggest voice they had the week after they got a look at her.

She ain’t going to win, though. She has a huge voice, but she doesn’t have the control or the variety of styles that she would need to last past the middle rounds and go deep. She might make the tour, though.

On the Voice. Gotta love a harmony singer who carries the mail.


Shelbie Z “Work Hard, Play Harder” – Gretchen Wilson: B-

shelbieHarry was fine with it but the other judges dunned her for singing in too low a key … my take is that the key was ok, she just didn’t have as much power as she normally has. She mucked up her first up-scale run, and I think she sang a little scared after that. The song choice was right in Shelbie’s wheelhouse, so she really should have been more impressive, but she was still pretty good.

Shelbie with Constantine Maroulis “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

Watching Constantine talk and sing is so weird, like Keanu Reeves singing like Freddy Mercury. Shelbie is over whatever made her nervous last night; she sounded like her old self. I would have put a little bit more harmony in the arrangement but they decided to keep it simple. It worked, the performance was good.

I have no idea what the judges were talking about. Are they looking to dump Shelbie too? I thought she was pretty safe.




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