Semifinals first 12 – safe to in danger

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Tommy Stringfellow turned “Creep” into a minuet. Did it work?

Apparently tonight’s show is not live, and the public is not voting. Tonight’s show is an extension of Hollywood week, with the judges doing the cutting again. I don’t know why, and I don’t know when they are going to start letting the audience vote. I know they will, just not when. I blame J-Lo.

And Simon, wherever that preening schmo is hiding.

I posted comments for each of tonight’s vocal performances on the contestant’s bio pages. Click on the names below to read those. The show was fine, with a mix of good performances, bad performances, weird performances, and a couple of painful performances. I think my favorite was Sonika, just because she sang so well, and J8 just because I love his style, but the night’s standouts were the two weakest voices on the show.

Jeneve, who pulled out the harp and sang mostly in tune, and La’Porsha, who apparently can’t do anything that isn’t considered ‘fearless’ anymore, were the darlings of the dance. I can see it with Jeneve; even though she isn’t all that great a singer she has that magic mojo that people love. I like La’Porsha too, don’t get me wrong, but her treatment is starting to get weird. She is incapable of doing anything that won’t cause the judges to genuflect. Maybe next week she should put on a pettycoat and sing “The Good Ship Lollypop.” Ten bucks says Keith would tell her that it was “a brave performance,” Harry would say “way to push the envelope” and J-Lo would say “you can do it all, sweetie.”

Ok, now the serious stuff: who is going home tomorrow night? The format – the judges decide, plus they get to consider how the contestants perform tomorrow night – makes it a little tricky to figure out who is safe to who is in danger, but that never stopped me before.

Safe to in Danger:


Jeneve Rose Mitchell

La’Porsha Renae

Thomas Stringfellow

Sonika Vaid

MacKenzie Bourg

In danger

Avalon Young

James Dawson VIII

Gianna Isabella

Emily Brooke


Stephany Negrete

Jordan Sasser

Jenna Renae

            Emily might as well pack too, but she was one of the locks just last week. It can change in a hurry. If any of my locks get dumped I will be shocked. They are all judge favorites, and they all had good nights.

The only drama might be the final spot, between Gianna, who the judges can’t seem to say no to, and James, who they seem to have no trouble saying no to. I put James ahead because that’s what should happen, but we all know that Gianna is never going to get told no as long as her mother is in the crowd, giving J-Lo the evil eye. We’ll see tomorrow night.

Here is the poll; I’ll also post it under polls.


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