I Know

Franky and Annie met at the laundry
Now their teenaged children are washing their clothes
I saw the beginning, pulling socks from the dryer
And folding my blue jeans alone

When I dated Sherry, she wanted to marry
But for some fool reason, I didn’t feel right
Sometimes I miss her, but she found another
I guess I was out of my mind

Stunted beginnings to unhappy endings
It seems like I’ve been through it all
But I’m thinking lately their a sweet-smiling lady
Who’s saving a warm place for me to fall

But every poem I write just don’t seem to rhyme
Every sad song I sing wants to take me on home
White knights and cowboys get to rescue the damsels
But I’m taking it patient and slow
My turn will come, I know

Heartbreak and anger to grudging acceptance
I pick up the pieces of my heart, and move on
I’ve been on my own now, for so many years now
I’m not all that lonely alone

So I’ll count all my blessings, cheer at all my friends’ weddings
Content that there’s love on the breeze
But I’m thinking lately there’s a sweet-smiling lady
Whose arms will enfold me ‘til I’m down on my knees

So every poem I write – it don’t need to rhyme
Every sad song I sing can take me on home
The white knights and cowboys can rescue the damsels
I’m taking it patient and slow
My turn will come, I know

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