Hello, It’s Me


I know you’ve all been waiting such a long, long time. No my name isn’t Todd, I’m just using his song and song title to introduce myself and test posting a link.

I’m Gary Fletcher, a Canadian who’s finding it harder and harder to continue believing in my own immortality. I don’t drink or drug (not for several decades), but I wake up every morning with a slight hangover anyway.

Terry Vent has been kind enough and generous enough to allow me to publish my occasional writings to his website. That’d be this one. I write stuff about music and musicians, about writing and authors, about baseball (sometimes supported by statistical analysis, sometimes just because), and other, arty stuff meant to be humorous or sad or (god help me) meaningful.

I could go on, but I’ll just finish with this observation: I don’t even try to cover all the bases. I have stuff to say, I enjoy writing, but I never try to be exhaustive. It’s too exhausting.

Later. Thanks.


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