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Terence Vent

October 4, 2016

Yesterday, 300,000 people were “talking” on Facebook about an Australian rapist with ties to Russian espionage agents, desperately hoping that he had gotten a hold of stolen classified information from the United States of America that could damage Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, people, what do you think could be in those emails? She wasn’t a military commander, she was an administrator. Do you think whatever was in those emails could be worse than the stuff this Australian rapist, trapped in Ecuador because he doesn’t want to go to jail, is doing?

They’ve looked at hundreds of thousands of emails already – and they have NOT looked at 22 million Bush administration emails, by the way – and they have found nothing bad enough to go further than “well, she was careless.” Reckless, even (sorry Snagglepuss).

There can’t be this many people so ideologically set in stone that they are willing to ignore so much evidence against Trump, in the hopes that someone, somewhere, somehow will come up with something on Hillary Clinton.

At this point Hillary would love to bring those emails out and show them to you; nothing could be worse than the suspicion of malfeasance – she wants them shared at this point. She’s probably been trying to find a way to recover them since last summer. The fact that she hasn’t means she can’t.

Clinton has already asked the FBI to be completely transparent with their investigation. Her campaign asked the FBI, back when they said they were going to share portions of the investigation, to share the whole thing so the public could see the process and decide for themselves.

The public, of course, never bothered. 15,000 people were “talking” about Donald Trump’s tax returns yesterday at the same time those 300,000 were talking about Assange and how they hoped he was going to take down an American presidential election.

We’ve lost perspective. We have a month to get it back.


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