Terence Vent

October 16, 2016

Right-wing extremists hate being called Nazis? Separate yourself from this campaign and we’ll learn to separate you from the Nazis. Keep supporting this campaign, and you are supporting a campaign with strong, clear ties to the Nazi party. You are supporting Nazis.

If you think this is harsh, you need to study your history. Adolph Hitler did not personally kill 6 million people. He demonized them. Then his followers killed them.

Yesterday my inbox was inundated with memes that said “never forget.” Well, Hitler wasn’t from some ancient time before we were all civilized. There are still people alive today who fought against the Nazis.

I find it incredibly insulting, as a military veteran myself, that millions of citizens want to tell me that a group with ties to the modern Nazi party is fit to run the United States.

Did they forget? Did you forget?


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