Slack Chat: Greetings from the Small World

T: I don’t know if the demise of the Washington Post’s hoax-debunking fact check column is an actual “canary in the coal mine falling off its stoop” critical mass moment, but when fact checking sites throw up their hands and say “you don’t want the truth, you just want people to agree with you,” and give up, it ain’t good.

J: My favorite was when 41 percent of Trump supporters favored bombing Agrabah. Really. They favored bombing a place that doesn’t actually exist. Trump would build a wall around it and make Michael Eisner pay for it.

T: I read a Pew Research report about immigration … that wall Trump wants to build would be keeping more Mexicans on this side than the other side; more have left than entered since 2007.

J: There are fewer jobs for them here these days; the bad economy has hit their employers hard.

T: Plus our salsa really sucks.

J: And you can’t get good empanadas anywhere, either.

J: Disney laid off a bunch of their American IT people, replaced them with Indian H1B holders and paid them half the money they were paying the Americans. Another reason to bomb Agrabah, or at least Michael Eisner.

T: It’s-a-small-world BOOM! Oh, the rodentity…

J: They’d be committing rodenticide.

T: Serves ’em right, the goofy bastards

J: And now I have that stupid song in my head, and I am even MORE in favor of bombing Michael Eisner.


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