Step Right Up, Folks!

PT Barnum used to say, “there’s one born every minute.” He was talking about suckers, carnival marks. He learned that there were always plenty of people willing to buy whatever he was selling, as long as he waved shiny objects in their hopeful, gullible faces.

He didn’t care what he was selling. It didn’t matter. He didn’t care who was buying. It didn’t matter. The people, the marks, the ones born every minute? They didn’t matter. They weren’t people, they were suckers. Marks.

Trump’s voters, in Trump’s mind, are just that. Marks. Suckers. They might not know it – in fact, I doubt any of them realize it, any more then some poor sucker barking like a dog on a carnival stage would be barking if he was self-aware – but there is no other way to describe it.

It’s impossible to say, nicely, that you’ve been had. Hypnotized. Pull the band-aid off, snap your fingers, whatever it takes, and get it over with. You’ve been had. You’ve been hypnotized.

Trump doesn’t care if you think he’s rich or poor, really, unless he’s trying to sell you something. If selling means he has to be rich, he’s rich. If selling means he has to be poor, he’s poor.

Trump is whatever he wants you to think he is, because you are not a person to him. You are just one more sucker, born every minute. He lies as freely as most people tell the truth, not because he wants to lie, but because he absolutely DOES NOT CARE.

People do not exist in Donald Trump’s eyes. All he sees are suckers. The ones born every minute. So he lies at both ends, in the middle, on the sides, around the back … and sometimes he loses track. Hell, he loses track all the time.

This isn’t really anything new, this article. Either Trump forgot who he lied to about which amount, or he just doesn’t give one shit that we all know he’s lying. You pick the shell, it doesn’t matter, because he palmed the pea while you were looking at Hillary.

Crooked Hillary my ass. She used the wrong server. Trump has committed dozens of crimes that would have jailed anyone else, because you refuse to hold him to the law. He’s blown fortunes that would have broken anyone else, because his daddy refused to let him lose.

Is Trump lucky, or the rest of us unlucky? It doesn’t matter; as long as Trump gets to win,  he doesn’t care. And neither do far too many of you.

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