We Duh People

Terence Vent

November 2, 2017

People say they like Trump because he talks like them. Why? Why would anyone want to be led by someone who talks like them?

If I’m on a plane and the pilot is incapacitated, I want someone who can fly, not someone who can scream.

If I have a heart attack, I want a doctor, not some asshole telling me I should have eaten better.

If I take my car to a shop, I want the mechanic, not a guy who stands next to the car with a beer in his hand, saying “hey, is that a 327 ya got under there?”

I don’t want a president who sounds like me. I want a president who knows what the hell to do. I want experience. I want expertise. I want a cool customer who can deal with adversity, not a two bit heckler.

If you find a guy with a billion dollars who sounds like you, looks like you and acts like you, chances are he’s also as dumb as you, as weak as you, as lazy as you, and as selfish as you.

If you think you are smart enough to manage this place, run for president. If not, don’t saddle the rest of us with some incompetent boob – just because he sounds like you.


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