You are getting very sleepy

Terence Vent

October 16, 2016

I never understood how hypnotized people could be talked to in any sort of voice – loud, soft, it didn’t matter – and they could be told pretty much anything and they would not only believe it, but they would act on it and be just absolutely sure that it was true.

I still don’t understand. But it’s everywhere now, hypnotized people all over the place, including some in very high places. How else can Rudy Guliani be explained? Mike Pence? These people can’t possibly be as stupid as they sound. They have to be under hypnosis.

I still struggle with it, though. Could this entire, insane obsession with The Donald just be a large-scale, accidental group hypnotism? I know too many Trump supporters who are smart, normal people in all ways but this one way.

They can’t really think the things they keep saying. No normal human being with a soul would say those things. Think those things.

At this point I’m resigned to it. They are not waking up in time – we are going to have to white-knuckle our way through, and hope for the best.

Will they ever wake up? I really hope so. Life is a lot more fun when we don’t have 40 million zombies running around, spouting racism and paranoia.


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