Slack Chat: I Second that Emoji

J: Ida (ed. – John’s wife) is a backgammon shark.

T: I used to play backgammon with my brother Tim on Yahoo, back in the day. My screenname was fuoneeye, for the old pirate joke.

J: ?

Fuoneeye? I don’t get it.

T: f-u, one eye.

J: Oh right, I know that one, the parrot joke. Cut out his tongue, did he?

T: It was a female parrot, you racist.

J: R- what? What does that have to do with cutting out hi- um, her tongue?

T: Always trying to silence the pastel-colored among us.

J: Well, they are lazy and they crap all over everything.

T: You’ve got a point, there. So does Ida play on Yahoo?

J: Yahoo? No, but she doesn’t drive a Stanley Steamer, either.

T: Touché, you little thug.

J: If she did, though, her screename would be something like “gimmeyerchipspunk”

T: Chipspunk?

J: Chipspunk.

T: Wtf is chipspunk?

J: I’ll take “Lousy Band Names” for $2,000, Alex.

T: Alex: “This band was formed when members of the Ramones joined forces with Alvin and the Chipmunks.”

J: “You got chipspunk? I HATE chipspunk!” – Ed Asner to Mary Tyler Moore.

T: “I know that. But what are those little green things?” – Ted Knight. Also, “Edeko Sowakaki.”

J: Wasn’t there a Generic Band out there back in the day?

They showed up in white pants and shirts that said “Band” on them?

T: I don’t know who you are talking about.

J: The Who was actually a pretty good band.

T: I liked some of their songs, but I hated Townshend. He was always a huge asshole, and he’s not as good as he thinks he is.

J: Townshend and Roger Daltrey should get together with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, call it Beatle-Whos.

T: Just Townshend. They can call it the Dung Beatles. Because Pete Townsend is a pile of dung.

J: You could make a pretty good band out of the dead guys from those groups… Lennon, Entwistle, Moon and Harrison.

T: Are you kidding? Dead bodies just lay there. You might as well call them “Hole,” because all they are is a place to put your stuff.

J: Courtney Love already has that gig, though.

T: The Courtney Hole: that’s the hole on the golf course where you take five strokes, overdose on heroin and shoot yourself in the face.

J: That sounds like something that would happen to you in prison, getting Courtneyholed.

T: A Courtney hole is made with a dirty needle.


T: That’s a weird thing to laugh out loud about, heroin addiction.

J: Yes, that was an unfortunate acronym.

T: What are the worst uses of acronyms?

J: “Et tu, Brute? LOL.”

T: Sorry about your dog, LOL.

J: “Grandma’s dead, LOL”.

T: “I’m sorry; it’s butt cancer. You have three weeks to live. LMAO.”

J: MacArthur actually said “BRB” but the newspapermen made it more dramatic.

T: Mister Gorbechev, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL! (Smiley face)”

J: “Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed. (Winky face) ”

T: Helen Keller: “Daddy, I can talk now!”

Daddy: “STFU”

J: Mission Control: “I’m trying to get a readout on the fuel level here and Armstrong just keeps sending me poop emojis.”

T: Helen Keller: LOL?

Daddy: URGAY

J: “We have 20 seconds of fuel left 💩”

T: Metaphorically speaking.

J: Smiley face.

T: Well, “like” is actually a simile, not a smiley.

J: Well, get your worthless carcass off my lawn, roflmao.

T: Here’s how I sort all the writing tricks out.

Metaphor:  “Life is a bitch”.

Simile: “Life is like a bitch”.

Metasimaphor: “Your wife is a bitch.”

Also, an analsimphorism: Waving your hands to direct someone, only they’re looking in the rear-view mirror so they see you backwards and plow into a light pole. And they die, leaving 11 orphaned kids who – because they are Dutch – have to move to Mexico for some reason.

J: That was a lot of setup for not much joke.

T: How’s this? “I abhor the putrid swells of my wife’s rancid bosom. Death shall be a sweet release, often denied yet much anticipated”. Smiley face.

J: “Shakespeare, the Early Years”

T: “Shakespeare, the emoji years”

J: “Romeo! Where the hell art thou, Romeo?”

Next on “Shit Shakespeare’s Dad Said.”.

T: “Thoust hast failed thine yet again – thousst denieth thine birthright. Screwest thine. Bring me a beer. I mean, something something meade. Or something. Bourbon and coke. I dunno.”

J: “Bringeth me an ale that I might quaff it and belcheth hops in thy face.”

T: “Bringeth thine opium pipe, perchance to smoke thou fair.”

J: “Forsooth, thine wench is the last in the tavern, and no man wilt lie with her as her frock doth reeketh of sour milk and onions. Fetch me an ale, and I shall don my ale goggles and bringeth her to mine crib.”

T: “Aye, I’ll introduce ye. Lassie, this is Mr. Spunk. Chip Spunk.”

I’m not sure when I turned into a pirate.

J: Lassie was probably the one throwing little Timmy down the well.

T: “Aye, but she was a randy lass, that one. She could chip spunk with the best of them.”

J: Way to bring it around. Not that we got far. What were we talking about, anyway?

T: Beats me.


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