Trains are Running!

California republican congressman Kevin McCarthy recently said, basically, that as long as the economy is good, Trump can go ahead and start shooting people on fifth avenue. This means two things:

First, it means McCarthy is a moron. But more importantly, it points out something that we don’t think about, in all the Trump-centric news cycle garbage. It’s been a year and a half, and Mitch McConnell has not spoken up against Trump ONE TIME.

It’s his job, as the head of the senate, to speak up for us. And not a word. Does he, like McCarthy, think a good economy puts Trump above the law?

Because in all this Trumpian assholery, this is the most 1930s Germany-like attitude I’ve seen yet. Germans accepted Hitler because he got the trains running.

But we don’t have the other stuff, do we? We don’t hate our non-Aryan brothers, do we? We aren’t trying to bully the rest of the world, are we?

We do. And we are. Trump is a third-generation German; much of his family lived in Nazi Germany, goose stepping and saluting Hitler. After listening to Obama being accused of being a Muslim plant for eight years, maybe it’s time to ask the question:

Is Trump a Nazi plant?

I don’t think he is, and I’m about 90 percent joking, but his supporters sure do act like Germans from the 1930s.


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  1. Small quibble: it was Mussolini with the trains.

    Trump a Nazi plant? Rather than a Russian plant?

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