Tweeting the Bird

Donald Trump won’t use the word communist because even the dumbest of his followers will see “communist” and think “Russia” — something Trump doesn’t want them to think. Yet, somehow, the Trump administration has rebranded the word “socialist” — a term that basically means “cooperate” — into something akin to “terrorists fomenting a communist revolution” without his followers bothering to make the connection between “socialist” and the 20th century Russian, Chinese and Cuban revolutions — actual communist revolutions.

Why does that matter?

Trump just told four members of congress to go home, not because they are liberal or because they are pains in the ass — which, of course, they are — but because they are brown.

Because they are not white, Trump assumes that they can’t be Americans. That’s what he thinks. To him, white is American and all other colors are immigrants.

To classify that poisonous line of thinking as anything but straight up, plain-assed racism is a level of denial that I can’t even get my head around.

Yet for the past two days, everywhere I read about the racist tweets, the GOP members of Congress, in lock step (goose step?) have refused to call Trump on his racist tweets against their own members.

A simple censure vote — Congress telling President Trump he went too far and that he is not allowed to deport congressional members because they aren’t white, got 187 “no” votes from GOP congressional members.

That’s a disgrace.

I know why they can’t stand up to Trump; they are completely in Trump’s pocket becuase of the 2020 elections coming up. But it’s still a depressing state of affairs; the GOP no longer works for the United States. The GOP works for Donald Trump.

The GOP will use the term “creeping socialism” repeatedly over the next 18 months, in an attempt to demonize liberals. They will brand the liberal left as American terrorists and revolutionaries.

Bullshit. Creeping socialism, my butt. Trump’s every move is toward a fascist regime. He is the face of creeping fascism, and we are one white-knuckle election away from the point of no return.

But Donald Trump, while he is a problem, is not the problem we should be trying to fix. He is going to keep being himself, his racist, selfish, bullying self to the end. He is a constant in this equation. We cannot fix our problems by changing Donald Trump. He ain’t changing.

If re-elected, he is going to do everything in his power to finish the job of rebranding the United States of America into the United States of White America. It’s all he knows how to do; it’s all he has been doing since he decided to go into politics ten years ago.

We are the fixable problem, the nation’s voters. We are the problem because too many of us are incapable of showing the slightest bit of skepticism toward Trump, no matter what he says or does. We can be the solution, simply by getting as many of those poor, gullible, hypnotized people as possible to take off the Trump-colored glasses and rejoin the living.

So how can we do it? By ending our tendency to react to Donald Trump, whose soul is beyond our ability to repair it. We need to react — so to speak — to the voters, not the votees. The votees might as well be the Kingom of Mordor at this point, completely sold out to the whims of their dark lord. They are powerless to stop him, and he is incapable of being anything but what he is.

So we need to work on his support, his voters. Find out why they are voting for him, and try to pry them back into reality, one by one if we have to.

Here’s an argument you might use for the latest bit of gaslighting, brainwashing bullyhood:

Trump thinks all brown people are from shithole countries. Can I just stipulate that now? Trump thinks we should never take immigrants from shithole countries.

Guess where Trump comes from? Donald Trump is a third-generation German immigrant. Did his family go back to Germany to fix THAT shithole?

Remember Trump’s old bedtime reader? Hitler speeches.

So while we worry about the past lives of the four brown congressional members, maybe we should take a minute to wonder, just a little bit, about the past lives of one Aryan bully.

They’ll foam ectoplasm out all orafices at you, yell at you and call you a socialist rapist-hater or something. But every little bit helps. Good luck; these people are our fellow Americans, our friends and family. We need to get them back to themselves.


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