A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 11-20

Here are the players I ranked 11th thru 20th:

11 Tris Speaker 1405 CF 4
12 Frank Robinson 1315 RF 3
13 Eddie Collins 1307 2B 1
14 Rickey Henderson 1269 LF 4
15 Joe Morgan 1267 2B 2
16 Lou Gehrig 1266 1B 1
17 Rogers Hornsby 1265 2B 3
18 Mike Schmidt 1227 3B 1
19 Greg Maddux 1212 P2
20 Mariana Rivera 1211 RP 1

I start out here with to more outfielders before having 3 second basemen. With Rickey Henderson and Lou Gehrig coming in between them. I think the three second basemen can be ranked in any order, so I just went by how the points worked out. I put Lou Gehrig at 16th which some people will think is too low. However, as we go down the list first basemen do better than what I would have liked, so I was not to give them a boast to help Gehrig. Gehrig is hurt because his career was shortened a little by his disease that forced him out of the game and eventually killed him and 1st basemen don’t do a lot defensively.

I ranked Greg Maddux as the second-best pitcher, which a lot of people think was Cy Young. However, I had a real high penalty for 19th Century pitchers. WAR had a lot of 19th Century pitchers ranked in their top 100 pitchers for career WAR. They also have high individual seasons as they pitched so many innings. However, from what I read the game is completely different then and to me there is something wrong on how Win Shares and WAR is calculated for the 19th Century especially early in the 19th Century. I probably should have had more of a penalty for pitchers who pitched before 1890. I do rate Cy Young as the 4th best pitcher of all time, which isn’t too bad.

I doubt many sabermetrics experts rate Mariana Rivera as high as I do. I rate all the relievers with the same formula, but Rivera is far ahead of all of them. The next highest reliever is Dennis Eckersley who I rate 74th overall and he is helped by his time as a starting pitcher. There was a reason Mariana was voted into the hall of fame unanimously.

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