A Biography in 1,000 Players No. 20 Mariano Rivera (Number 1 Relief Pitcher)

Relief pitchers pitch a lot of critical innings and are vital to a team, but don’t score well in either WAR or Win Shares which I mainly used to calculate points. Rivera total about 500 points when I used my original formula. Which was the most of any pure relief pitcher. Dennis Eckersley had more but a lot of those points were gathered as a starter. So, I cheated. Bill James developed a formula rating relief pitcher and I made that part of the formula. Rivera had by far the most points there also. However, I used to get the calculations over 1,000 points and what the other relief pitchers should be.

Just think Rivera was the first player to ever get a unanimous vote into the hall of fame. Ty Cobb might have done it in the old days. He was recognized as a great player. To me I had to get him up to the inner circle guys, the top 55 or players 1,000 points or more. Rivera is the only relief pitcher in the top 1,000 Other relief pitchers should be able to have enough points to compete for the hall of fame. I have 9 relievers at 650 or more and that is a good amount for the number of hall of famers for relief pitchers. I also have 48 relievers in my top 1,000 which also seems like a reasonable amount. So, I have no apologies for my calculation for relief pitchers.

I had a friend from work who had a friend who knew Mariano Rivera. He said Rivera once got them tickets to go to a Yankee game and he got to meet him. He said Rivera was a nice guy. Most famous people seem nice when you meet them for a short time.

I was an extra for a movie. It was called “Our Souls at Night”. It starred Robert Redford, Jane Fonda and the kid who plays Sheldon on Young Sheldon. I saw Redford and young Sheldon. I talked to the crew and they said usually the bigger the star the nicer they are. They told me about a couple of people who they didn’t like to work with. One person they didn’t even mention his name, just said they weren’t a big star but demanded to be treated as one. Everyone making the movie was nice. The food was free, although extras had to eat last. All in all it was a fun day and I got paid for it.




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