A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 21-30

Here are the players I ranked 21st thru 30th:


21 Mel Ott 1207 RF 4
22 Pete Rose 1181 LF 5
23 Albert Pujols 1161 1b 2
24 Tom Seaver 1160 P3
25 Cy Young 1159 P4
26 Carl Yasztrzemski 1157 LF 6
27 Randy Johnson 1151 P5
28 Eddie Mathews 1141 3b 2
29 Alex Rodriguez 1138 SS 2
30 Johnny Bench 1135 C 1



Mel Ott was close to Frank Robinson except he was penalized for the time period he played. It is interesting he does so well in sabermetrics statistics as he had a swing that was perfect for hitting home runs in the Polo Grounds his home park. Pete Rose liked to be known for his hustle, but he had talent also. Albert Pujols has had a few bad years lately. Let us not forget when he was the dominant hitter in the game. I then start to pile on the picture, around Carl Yasztrzemski, who I will argue I have slightly overrated, or maybe not. I think Eddie Mathews is one of the most unappreciated stars of all time. Alex Rodriguez received a big penalty for steroids and in still the number 2 shortstop. I gave catchers a lot of points, but 30th was the highest I could push up Johnny Bench who I rated the number 1 catcher.

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