A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 31-40

Here are the players I ranked 31st thru 40th:

31 Pete Alexander 1133 P 6
32 Roger Clemens 1132 P 7
33 Warren Spahn 1130 P 8
34 Nap Lajoie 1129 2B 4
35 Yogi Berra 1095 C 2
36 Cal Ripkin Jr. 1090 SS 3
37 Jimmy Foxx 1083 1B 3
38 Steve Carlton 1080 P 9
39 Lefty Grove 1075 P 10
40 Gaylord Perry 1074 P 11


I was thinking of doing the rankings with a different WAR formula which would have included more prime and a clutch formula. However, I went thru the first 25 first basemen and it didn’t really change the standing that much practically for top players. I think I will just keep working thru the players as the exact place in the standings isn’t that important. It was easy to add the old information, but it was hard to adjust the penalties, such as timeline penalties and bonuses, based on percentage.

One thing I learned was that I was glad I gave a heavy penalty for the 19th century players. The top three first basement in the 19th Century, Roger Conner, Cap Anson and Dan Brouthers had a big gain with the new WAR formula as they had a high win loss percentage. I think it was because the league as a whole wasn’t strong, so it was easier for 19th Century players to stand out. I will write more on this when we get to Roger Conner who is number 158 on my list.

For these 10 players, the most interesting thing is six are pitchers. I think Nap Lajoie is a little high but that is the way the figures came out. Yogi Berra is a little low, but I gave catchers plenty of bonus points. Gaylord Perry was a surprise, but he had a long career and my formula rates career value higher.

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