A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 51-55

Here are the players I ranked 51st thru 55th:

51 Al Kaline 1022 RF 6
52 Wade Boggs 1019 3B 4
53 Reggie Jackson 1017 RF 7
54 Derek Jeter 1001 SS 5
55 Jackie Robinson 1000 2B 5


I made 1,000 points the level for the inner circle. There are just short of 20,000 players in Major League history. So, 55 players are less than .3 percent of them. For every 1,000 players there are less than 3 in the inner circle. Most people who follow baseball would have smaller inner circles. I’m just generous. Al Kaline had his greatest season in my opinion at age 20 but was a great player for years. Wade Boggs didn’t hit the majors until age 24 but had three more hits than Kaline in his career. Reggie Jackson made the inner circle even though he is the all-time strikeout leader. I cheated a little to get Jeter into the inner circle. However, he wasn’t the only one who benefit from what I did. Jackie Robinson was a great player and by being the first black player might have done more for baseball than anyone.

The series will continue after these 5. I just did 5 names to distinguish the inner circle. My next round I will do 5 again to get to 60. Then I will be back to doing 10 players at a time.

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