A Biography in 1,000 Players No. 55 Jackie Robinson (Number 5 Second Base)

About a month ago our preacher at church started his sermon by saying we white people, there are some black people in our congregation, how no understanding what it is like to be black in this Country, so don’t pretend that you do. That was all he had to say about the subject, but it was a reminder not to be too judgmental in the current situation.

My way of thinking is that is true, and we won’t ever come close to understanding what Jackie Robinson had to go thru and this sacrifices he had to make to do what he did. This Country and the whole world should be thankful that he did what he did.

That is why I have no problem giving him pioneer points, getting him to 1,000 points and making him the line people have to pass to get in the inner circle. Now I will call it the Jackie Robinson line.

The think we forget was Jackie Robinson was 28 when he started to play Majors. Which meant he was more mature to handle the pressure, but he was also at the end of the prime years. Yet in his first 7 years he scored 100 or more runs 6 times. The other year he “only” scored 99. He also won a rookie of the year, MVP two stolen base titles, a batting title and led the league in on base percentage. On base percentage has been called by Sabermetric leader as the most important stat and Jackie Robinson Is 37th on the list in on base percentage. Not bad for a guy who had to start the last year after his prime. His last 3 years, he was aged 35, 36 and 37 so he started to fade. He as still an above average player in all that he did he just needed more rest and got hurt more. He did help the Dodgers to two pennants and 1 World Series Championship in those 3 years. Just a great all-around player and person and that is why the retired his number throughout baseball.

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