A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 61-70

Here are the players I ranked 61st thru 70th:


61 Ken Griffey Jr. 970 CF 6
62 Chipper Jones 969 3B 5
63 Eddie Murray 953 1B 4
64 Rod Carew 951 2B 7
65 Ferguson Jenkins 950 P 19
66 Luke Appling 939 SS 6
67 Willie McCovey 938 1B 5
68 Miguel Cabrera 936 1B 6
69 Charlie Gehringer 931 2B 8
70 Adrian Beltre 925 3B 6


There are a lot of modern players in this group. The exceptions being Luke Appling and Charlie Gehringer. I count modern as players I saw play, at least on TV. I saw Rod Carew all the time being a Twins fan. He was the famous player I saw the most in real life as we tried to make it to a Twins game every year. I thought Willie McCovey was the most intimidating batter as a kid. He seemed to cover the whole plate and more. However, Miguel Cabera might have passed him this year. I would have no problem as it could go either way between the two.  I am only going to calculate these rating thru 2019. It would to much of a bother to update everyone.

By the way last time I did this I said that Craig Biggio came up just short of a major league record, but never mentioned it in my Biggio record. The record was for hit by pitch. Biggio was hit by a pitch a career 285 times, second on the all-time list. The all-time leader is hall of famer Hugh Jennings with 287. Jennings ranks 581st on this list. This is not the type of record you want to play extra to break.

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