My All-Time Team I have Seen in Person

C – Ivan Rodriguez – Saw him a few times. Use to visit my friend in the Dallas Fort Worth area during his early days and we would always see one or two Ranger Games. I loved watching him catch.
1B – Albert Pujols – Saw him in Pittsburg in 2002 on a baseball tour. I looked it up he had three hits including a home run in that game.
2B – Rod Carew – Saw him a lot of times as a kid. He got at least 2 hits in half the games I went to. I saw Joe Morgan live, but he DHed for the As when I saw him. I saw Craig Biggio live on the same baseball tour I saw Pujols. He hit a home run in Wrigley.
3B – George Brett – I saw him once in Texas and once in Milwalkee. He went something like 1 for 8 in the two games but made some good fielding plays.
SS – Ozzie Smith – When the Rockies for were new I had a friend who was a Cardinal fan. I went to see the Cardinals play a lot in those early seasons. We use to go early and watch Ozzie field. I also seen Alex Rodriquez, Cal Ripken, Robin Yount, Derek Jeter and Barry Larkin play live one game each, Yount maybe two.
LF – Barry Bonds – Mile High Stadium. Hot as He double hockey sticks. Hit a homerun his first two at bats struck out his next next three at bats. Giants won easily.
CF – Ken Griffey Jr. – Saw him twice. He went two for five with a double in Seattle. He stuck out as a pinch hitter in Cincinnati.
RF – Frank Robinson – Right Fielder in first major league game I went to in Oakland in 1968. I was nine years old. The other Right Field was a young player named Reggie Jackson.
DH – Edgar Martinez – Had a big game with a key hit in the same game I saw Griffey Jr.
P – Greg Maddux – Gave up two runs at Coors Field for an easy victory. Marvelous game considering where he was pitching. Her ERA went up that game.
P – Burt Blyleven – Beat Clyde Wright 1-0. The winning run scored in the bottom of the ninth on a Joe Lis single.

P – Catfish Hunter – I saw him pitch against the Twins in 1976. He got credit for the victory despite giving up 5 runs in 9 innings. Yankees won easily 12-5.

I haven’t seen too many great starters. I seemed to miss them. I saw Nolan Ryan pitch in an exhibition for 5 innings if that counts.

RP – Trevor Hoffman – He got the loss in the game I saw him as he came in with the scored tied.

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