A Biography in 1,000 Players No. 70 Adrian Beltre (Number 6 Third Base)

Adrian Beltre didn’t have a lot of black ink but did everything well. He played an above average sometimes great fielder. He hit for very good power, once leading the National League in homeruns with the Dodgers. Dodger Stadium is not usually a hitter’s park or a homerun paradise.  He had a solid batting average but didn’t walk a lot. However, he scored 100 runs once and drove in 100 5 times. He was at minimum an average ball player.

To me he is an easy hall of famer and that is good as there is a shortage of third basemen in the hall of fame. It helped he got 3,000 hits a magical number, but in my opinion didn’t need it.

Beltre was always tough. When he was hurt, he seemed to come back from injuries fast. He was also did a lot of charity and humanitarian work. However, I think he made a great teammate as he enjoyed playing the game. He would be on the highlights battling his shortstop for popups. Why, because it was fun. We need more players like Beltre.



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