A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 71-80

Here are the players I ranked 71st thru 80th:

71 Bob Feller 923 P20
72 Bill Dickey 920 C 6
73 Paul Waner 915 RF 8
74 Dennis Eckersley 914 RP 2
75 Mike Piazza 913 C 7
76 Tim Raines 911 LF 7
77 Tony Gwynn 910 RF 9
78 Arky Vaughn 909 SS 7
79 Johnny Mize 908 1B 7
80 Roberto Alomar 905 2B 9


Bob Feller was very famous when he played. He was quite the talker. I rate Bill Dickey higher than Bill James, find out why. Paul Waner the legitimate Waner in the hall of fame. I don’t know if Dennis Eckersley was the second-best reliever in history. He is certainly up there. His time as a starter pushed him up to second. I have no problem with that as it was done by the same guy in the same baseball career. Mike Piazza great hitter, but we will look at his defense. Tim Raines called the second-best leadoff man in history by many baseball people. Tony Gwynn could always hit. Arky Vaughn a great shortstop with a short career. Johnny Mize was the one the baseball writers missed. Roberto Alomar at one point the most exciting player in the game.

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