A Biography in 1,000 Players No. 101 Joey Mauer (Number 11 Catcher)

In a way Mauer reminds me of Ernie Banks. Banks was a solid, not great fielding shortstop who hit like an excellent first baseman. Then because of injuries he had to move to first base but hit more like a shortstop. So, he had a lot of average years in his career. Mauer caught for 10 years than moved to first base to prolong his career. He played another 5 years but hit more like a catcher.

Some people forgot about his early years and question if he is a hall of famer. They said his career (15 years) is too shorts. In 2009 Mauer led in everything and easily won the MVP. He had won three batting titles. Ernie Lombardi’s two batting titles got him in the hall of fame. However, voters are more sophisticated these days. However, Mauer more than meets the qualifications. He did get a catcher bonus. However, since he played first the last five years of his career his catcher bonus was just 62 points. He still would be in the top 140 players and an easy hall of famer as he would be just over 800 points and I have 750 as a hall of famer.

Despite the Twins best efforts to make Mauer’s career longer he played only 15 years. That is why catchers get a bonus. There legs wear out. Some are able to fight it and play longer. Fine they get a bonus for doing that. To me Joey Mauer is an easy hall of famer.




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