A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 101-110

Here are the players I ranked 101st thru 110th:

101 Joey Mauer 866 C 11
102 Willie Stargell 865.5 LF 9
103 Al Simmons 861 LF 10
104 Ernie Banks 860 SS 11
105 Ron Santo 859.5 3B 9
106 Manny Ramirez 859.3 LF 11
107 George Davis 859 SS 12
108 Tom Glavine 858 P 22
109 Don Sutton 854 P 23
110 Lou Whitaker 850 2B 12


Darn I could have put Joey Mauer ahead of Frankie Frisch and another Twin would have been in the top 10. It would have been easy to think of some reason, as they are so close. However, there are just as many reasons not to. Plus, I don’t think Mauer would be that thrilled even if he were ranked in my top 100. I didn’t know I had Ernie Banks and Ron Santo so close to each other until I started to write this. Neither is that far from their old teammate Billy Williams. Tom Glavine and Don Sutton are similar pitchers in my estimate and according to the formula. Glavine won two Cy Young Awards and that put him ahead of Sutton. Alan Trammel is in the hall of fame and Lou Whitaker isn’t. I agree Trammel should be in as he is not far behind Whitaker. I definitely think Whitaker should be a hall of famer.

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