A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 111-120

Here are the players I ranked 111th thru 120th:


111 Enos Slaughter 846 RF 12
112 Bobby Grich 842 2B 13
113 Darrell Evans 841 3B 10
114 Hoyt Wilhelm 840 RP 3
115 Carlos Beltran 837 CF 9
116 Bill Dahlen 836 SS 13
117 Hank Greenberg 835 1B 12
118 Goose Gossage 834 RP 4
119 Jim Thome 833 1B 13
120 Joe Cronin 830 SS 14


Enos Slaughter is famous for scoring from first base on a single to win the World Series, which was wrong, but he had a fine career. Bobby Grich and Darrell Evans are two guys who should have been elected to the hall of fame. We will take a closer look. Hoyt Wilhelm pitched until he was old and looked it. Carlos Beltran just retired. Bill Dahlen is the one player from his era who has high hall of fame qualifications and didn’t make it. Hank Greenberg had a short career due in part in WWII. Goose is from Colorado Springs. I saw him at a couple of events. Didn’t get close to him. Jim Thome reminds me of Harmon Killebrew. Joe Cronin was a solid hitter for a shortstop not a great fielder. However, Baseball Reference WAR says he was average. It looks to be a fun 10 players.


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