Players 121-130

Here are the players I ranked 121at thru 130th:

121 Mickey Cochrane 827 C 12
122 Gary Sheffield 827 RF 13
123 Justin Verlander 825 P 24
124 Mike Mussina 824 P 25
125 Fred Clarke 822 LF 12
126 Alan Trammell 821 SS 15
127 Roy Campanella 820 C 13
128 Will Clark 819 1B 14
129 Rafael Palmeiro 818 1B 15
130 John Smoltz 816 P 26

I have two catchers in this group Mickey Cochrane and Roy Campanella who have been rated higher. Both were great players but had short career. I can see a lot of arguments for putting them ahead of the four catchers higher up. I can also see reasons for having them below those four catchers. Gary Sheffield is a surprise to be ranked so high. I’m surprised by some of the modern players he beat. He was quite the hitter though. Fred Clarke was an important player in the first half of the 20th Century we don’t hear much of today. We will find out more about him. I will also be discussing Clark versus Palmeiro. Looking forward to this group.

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