No. 135 Robinson Cano (Number 14 Second Base)

Cano was suspended twice for steroids. He is missing the entire 2021 season right now. I was almost tempted to give him to 10 percent penalties but decided that would not be fair. I’m thinking that many players in the years of big use of steroids people used more. There just wasn’t the testing to catch them. However, I wouldn’t really push Robinson Cano hard for the hall of fame.

Cano easily has the stats for a hall of fame 2nd baseman, but he is pretty much in no mans lands. Someone may say well he was clean before some 2018 because he passed test for years, but someone can say Barry Bonds was clean before a certain date in his career and he was a better player. Someone can say Cano probably didn’t benefit from this as much as Palmeiro, but the argument can be made that Cano flunked two tests. It hearts his team when you don’t have a real good player performing. Shouldn’t that be taken in account? I would think so. I’m guessing he will be one of the last of the steroids users to be elected or his election will lead to a lot of steroid users to be elected. However, it will be awhile as Cano hasn’t even retired yet.

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