No. 144 Yadier Molina (Number 15 Catcher)

If I would vote for the best defensive catcher of all time I would vote for Molina. Some people have Molina ahead of Mauer. I think they forgot how good Mauer was in his early days. However, Molina is catching up and may pass him. He probably has passed Freehan, but I rather write about the players then try to remember all the modern players I would have to recalculate and then do the actual recalculation. Tough luck guys.

Molina is the guy who is not only good fielder but is fun to watch. I came up today I should make a team of those players for the 8 position spots. Here is my team.

C – Yadier Molina – After reading what I wrote above do you think I would pick anyone different.

1B – Vic Power – I have Power as the 94th best first baseman and the 984th best career. The man could field though. I told you Cal Griffith traded for him because he liked to watch him field. He was really done before I started watching but he looked spectacular in those highlight reels.

2B- Javier Baez – He was too new to rate, but not too new to put on this team. He is spectacular at any position, but I needed a second baseman. The best tag in MLB history.

3B – Brook Robinson – Number 85 player of all time. My favorite was the 1970 World Series play on Lee May. Well I loved him the whole series. I always lover to see him come in on the ball.

SS – Ozzie Smith – Number 91 player of all time. He wasn’t nearly the hitter Brooks was. Since I use to go early to games to watch him take fielding practice and he is a near consensus as the best fielding shortstop ever, how can I leave him off the team.

LF – Rickey Henderson – Number 14 player of all time. He wasn’t the best fielder out there, However, he was good, and he played with some flair.

CF – Willie Mays – Number 1 player of all time. The Catch, 1954 World Series. Watch it if you have never saw it.

RF – Roberto Clemente – Number 42 player of all time. I loved to watch him throw. He would get a lot of votes as the greatest fielding right fielder of all time.


What a team, they would win a lot of games and make the pitchers very happy.



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