Players 151-160

151 Sandy Koufax 783 P 33
152 Hal Newhouser 782 P 34
153 Vladimir Guerrero 781.5 RF 18
154 Tommy John 780 P 35
155 Reggie Smith 779 RF 19
156 Rollie Fingers 778.3 RP 5
157 Ichiro Suzuki 777.7 RF 20
158 Roger Connor 777.3 1B 18
159 Cap Anson 777 1B 19


Sandy Koufax would be a lot of people’s choice as the pitcher they would choose someone to pitch only one game. Vladimir Guerrero is my latest hall of famer. If you don’t know what I mean read the article on number 145 Bobby Abreu. Tommy John was famous because of a surgery he had to save his career, but he was also a great pitcher. Bill James talked about how underrated Reggie Smith was on Twitter the other day. However, he doesn’t think he should be in the hall of fame. I agree he is underrated and I have him as a hall of fame player.

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