No. 162 Keith Hernandez (Number 21 First Base)

So, what does Keith Hernandez have to do to make the Hall of Fame. He was a well above average hitter. He was a great fielding first baseman. Many call him the greatest fielding first baseman of all time. He was a solid in the post season and was on two teams that won the World Series.

He has been an announcer in baseball for years. He is smart and knows the game well. He has written I think four books on baseball. Let us see a couple of biographies, a kids book and book on baseball in general. The man was on Seinfeld. Not just a cute cameo but actually had to act.

He did do drugs (cocaine). He was never the most modest or a nice guy. That is why his Seinfeld episode worked. I think he has overcome some things in life and we got to give people credit for that. I think he is a hall of famer.



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