No. 171 Joey Votto (Number 22 First Base)

Votto has come back with a good season (so far) in 2021 as he wasn’t hitting that well in 2019 and 2020. I’m guessing he has passed Mark McGuire by now. He is 37 and is nice to see someone his age has a decent average and on base percentage. Hey, you young guys don’t just go up there wacking for homeruns, be a smart batter.

Votto has led the National League in on base percentage 7 times. That is a lot of times. Votto knows how to work the count. The pitcher better throw strikes because he will take a walk. He led the league in walks 5 times. He can foul a ball off and doesn’t mind making the pitcher work.

I remember the last time the Reds made the playoffs in 2013 Votto batter his normal third and Shin-Soo Choo batted leadoff. Choo at least for that season was almost good as Votto working the pitcher. That was two tough outs early in the lineup. Both had an on base percentage over .400. Both also scored 100 runs. The number 4 hitter Brandon Phillips and number 5 hitter Jay Bruce both had over 100 RBIs even though Brandon Phillips was a below average hitter that year. In part because the pitcher was probably mentally tired from facing Votto and Choo.  Votto and Choo basically carried the Cincinnati offence that year.

One correction Cincinnati made the playoffs in 2020 with the expanded format.

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