No. 177 Rusty Staub (Number 21 Right Field)

I was surprised that Rusty Staub did so well in my formula. His career longevity helped him a lot. His last seven years he was a part time player. This really hurts in WAR for position players unless they have an outstanding season. He hardly gets any points there. I lean more to Win Shares where he gets points for playing some.

The thing I remember about Staub was he hurt his throwing (left) shoulder in the 1973 playoffs. He hit great in the World Series but could barely get the ball to the infield from right field. However, the Mets had other outfield problems. Willie Mays had trouble seeing the ball and had one pinch hit appearance after game 2. Yogi got his production from Cleon Jones who hit fairly well in the series and Don Hahn played well in Center Field. Staub hit well in the post season for the Mets that year. He slugged over .600 with 4 homeruns in 11 games and had an on base average of over .400 total. He was the hitting hero in game 4 hitting a three-run homer in the first to give the Mets a 3-run lead. In the fourth he hit a two-run single to give the Mets a 6-1 lead, which was the final score. It was probable his most memorable game in a great career.



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