No. 190 Zack Greinke (Number 43 Pitcher)

Greinke is over 750 right now so he would be in my Hall of Fame. My rating are as of through the 2019 season. However, Greinke would move up. I’m just too lazy to figure out the ratings for players, because then I would have to do a whole bunch of work. If someone want’s to send me $5,000 I will do a recalculation and have it out in 6 months. However, I’m not holding my breath. I would change the formula somewhat and that Is why it would take 6 months. I would recalculate everybody.

Greinke will be a hall of famer because of two great seasons, where he won the Earned Run title. His other seasons aren’t close to those two seasons. However, he has been a solid pitcher for years and has a great win-loss record.

In those two seasons he won the Cy Young in 2009 and was runner up in 2015. I agree with both awards. Greinke deserved it in 2019, but the winner Jake Arrieta deserved it in 2015. However, Zack Greinke will probably be in the Hall of Fame and Arrieta won’t come close.

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