No. 196 Vada Pinson (Number 15 Center Field)

I remember I would find baseball sites and there was one which was electing their hall of fame. They had good discussions and certain rules. They started long before I got on the site and got ever further by the time I caught up, so I never asked to vote. One interesting thing was when Vada Pinson was eligible for the vote his daughter campaigned for him. She bought up many good points showing an understanding of the game. The guys there were thrilled to have her and very polite in the discussion. They never did elect him to the hall of fame and right now I don’t have him in mine, but that may change as I add in more players.

One thing Ms. Pinson could use my data is I have a close to a completely objective reasonable measure and I have Vada Pinson in my top 200 players. Since there are more than 200 players elected to the hall of fame, I think that is a reasonable argument. So, if she is around she can use my data. It hurts that nobody knows who I am, but I know a lot about baseball, study the game and came up with my own evaluation system that has reasonable results.

Vada Pinson was two years older Willie Davis and so they were basically contemporaries. Both hit for good averages, but neither walked a whole lot. Pinson walked a tiny bit more than Davis. Pinson was a better hitter because he had more power. Davis was a better fielder as Pinson was just an average centerfielder in his career according to Baseball Reference. He did have a fluke defensive season like Willie Davis. His high was +18. One this that happened to be in his 30s he had to move to left and right field. He aged faster than Davis. Pinson had his prime years from age 20 to 26 which is a bit early. After age 26 he was an average player according to WAR at best. His best season according to WAR was at age 22 in 1961 when the Reds won the pennant. That year Frank Robinson and Pinson were easily the best two players on the Reds. Another good argument for putting Penson in the Hall of Fame.

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