No. 199 Sammy Sosa (Number 22 Right Field)

In early 1998 Mark McGwire was standing on top of the world and Sammy Sosa was right with him. It was like we are the great power hitters, and we have a right to celebrate. Watching it seemed kind of weird that Sosa was celebrating an opponents homerun during the game to such an extent. However, it was good sportsmanship, and he gave McGwire a chase that season.

He was on top of the world the next four years. He followed 66 homeruns in 1998 with 63, 50, 64 and 49. The two years he didn’t hit 60 he won the homerun title. I saw him in Wrigley in 2001 and the fans cheered his every mood. Sosa not only helped them with his play on the field, but he high fived fans and did a lot to please the fans during the game. To say he was beloved in Wrigley would be an understatement. He had his best career year by far according to WAR in 2001.

He slowed down a little in 2003, more in 2004, so the Cubs traded him to Baltimore. He had a bad year in the field 2005 and a worse year testifying before Congress. The whole thing has hurt his hall of fame chances. One problem is that the two best players who are accused of using steroids (Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons) are much better that the other players who are accused. Sosa and others have hall of fame credentials, but neither is nearly as good as Barry Bonds or Roger Clemons. So, until they are elected the other ones who are accused, might have to wait.

There is one hope. Alex Rodriquez is eligible to receive votes next year. He just might be elected. This could clear the way for other possible steroid users to be elected.

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