New Hall of Famers

Recently 2 Hall of Famers were selected from the Negro Leagues and 4 from the Golden Age or something like that of the American/National League combination. I am happy with the six people and here is a brief synopsis of them.

Bud Fowler: He actually played white baseball in the 19th Century like Frank Grant. I’m happy for his election as any black man who had the ability to be allowed to play with white players must have been really good, not mentioning all the pressure of the bigotry at the time. I have 30th for players behind Grant and have no idea which was the better player, but I doubt anyone else at this time does.

Buck O’ Neil: In my article on the Negro Leagues, I mentioned how Buck O’ Neil belonged and now he has finally been elected.

Gil Hodges: I wrote an earlier article on Gil Hodges even though I have him ranked in 404th place. To tell the truth, before researching the article I planned on writing I didn’t think he was a Hall of Famer. However, my research of his managerial career made me push the other way. It is good to keep an open mind. I knew he was in the running again, but he had been close before and didn’t make it, so I wasn’t really optimistic for him this time.

Jim Kaat: I have no problem with Kaat being elected as he was in 188th place in my rankings with 746 points, only 4 short of being an automatic electee. One thing I remember is David Letterman had a special show to honor Harmon Killebrew once. It was sort of a joke based on Killebrew not ever having a sacrifice bunt. During the show Letterman who appeared not to know much about baseball introduced Jim Kaat as a teammate of Killebrew’s. I got the impression that Kaat was hoping and expecting to talk to Letterman for a few minutes, maybe getting a push for his Hall of Fame case. Letterman just asked Kaat what he was doing these days and had him set down. It was kind of strange to me.

Tony Oliva: I happy to see him elected even though he is number 329th on my list and doesn’t have anything really unique to give him a push. The writers recognized what a good player he was until his knees stopped working. Maybe it helps that I’m a Twins fan and got his autograph when I was 13.

Minnie Minoso ranked 140th and I have stated he and Buck O’Neil were the two people I wanted to be elected to the Hall of Fame, I should be happy he is elected. Now who am I going to complain about not being elected to the hall.

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